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5 Tips to becoming a top Financial Adviser

1) Multi-Tasking: “Have more than one area of specialty, as doing the same thing and working with the same type of clients may get tiring,”. If there’s one thing you want to avoid in your career, it’s getting fed up of it! Keeping in touch with other financial services professionals is also vital which will broaden your train of thought and help you share ideas.

2) Define your target market: Getting to know the specific needs and concerns of your target audience will allow you to become an expert in solving these problems.

3) Listen: Don’t be the person who rambles on and one, not even giving the client a chance to give you their requests. Talk less, listen more. Your client will want someone they can speak to. Be the barman, not the drunk guy opening up to him!

4) Be Persistent: You need to be patient till your client is ready to act, but at the same time you want to ensure they will keep you in mind till when the time is right. This is exactly why it is your duty to follow up via phone calls, e-mails etc, let them you’re still interested.

5) Experience: Careers such as Finance is something that requires patience a lot of experience. Learning what your client wants, how to talk to them and eventually close a sale is something that will need to be perfected over time. These things may come more naturally to some but no one’s born an expert.

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