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Christmas world records



With Christmas day moving ever closer, we’ve found a few Christmas related world records set over the years:

1) Largest Christmas decorated sugar cookie: Max P. created a sugar cookie spanning 18.4 inches in diameter.

2) Most people in a selfie with Santa Claus: 600 people took a selfie with a man dressed as Santa Claus, making it the biggest one yet.

3) The longest amount of time spent balancing a four-foot tall Christmas tree on top of a chin- Doug McManaman balanced the tree on his chin for exactly 2 minutes, 6.54 seconds.

4) Most Hershey kisses held in one hand: A gentlemen going by the name of Brendon held 56 Hershey’s kisses in one hand.

5) Oldest letter written to Santa: The oldest letter written to Santa dates back to 1911. It was discovered by John Bryne whilst scavenging around his house.

6) Tallest chocolate tree: Patrick Roger set the world record with a 32-foot tall, 4-ton chocolate Christmas tree.

7) Most expensively dressed Christmas tree ever: The 43 foot high Christmas tree was decorated with around $11 million worth of jewelry.

Feel free to attempt to beat these records! Be safe and have a good one!

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