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Germany to reduce energy use

Germany’s energy use has already dropped by almost seven percent in 2014 so far when likened to 2013, a rate which hasn’t been reached  in almost 25 years.

Estimates drawn up by study group Energiebilanzen show that nuclear power usage fell by 6.7 percent between the months of January and September this year.

They also claim that the German population are expected to use five percent less energy than last year.

The warm winter temperatures also lead to a reduction in approximately 20 percent less natural gas used in the first three quarters of the year.

Aside from these reductions, energy generated from oil, coal and nuclear power were also less than from last year. This is highly beneficial for the country considering the fact that Germany pays one of the highest prices worldwide for their energy.

In further positive news, the population also used 1.6 percent more energy generated from renewable sources.

These recent reductions are encouraging the Germans to pledge to their government in order to to convert to renewable sources of energy. According to another study, four out of five Germans are in favour of switching to these more ec-friendly energy sources.

Out of these respondents, 81 percent of them shared the same opinion on Chancellor Angela Merkel, stating she should be more active  in the movement of constructing renewables as well as bringing in new energy saving targets.

However, 47 percent of them think that the Government doesn’t need to create any new plans regarding energy sources.



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