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‘Street Pong’ makes traffic light wait more bearable


Can’t cross the street because of a green light? ‘Street Pong’ has you covered.

The roadside time killer was created by college student Sandro Engel a couple of years ago while waiting for the traffic lights to change colour.

The game is inspired by the classic 1972 arcade game Pong which only requires one person at each side of the traffic lights to swipe their finger from side to side to prevent one another from scoring a point. It also has an hour glass coloured red and green, indicating how long the players have left before the lights change.

“You play with people you haven’t seen before, which is also cool,” says Engel.

The game will be tested for four weeks at one crossing in Hildesheim so that students will have enough time to try out the game to determine whether the novelty wears off quickly for pedestrians or proves to be a good idea, one which can be placed at other crossings around the country.

‘Street Pong’ has so far received ┬ápositive reviews, with a promotional video for the game becoming a hit on Youtube. Inquiries have been received from the cities of Lyon and Oslo about the prospect of adding the game to their streets.

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