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Technologies which can change the world

3d printer


Technology has advanced to stages which many thought was impossible a few decades ago.

Wifi, smartphones, tablets, enhanced computer power..even smart fridges! Some might say we have it all..but do we?

Here are a few products/gadgets which can change the face of technology yet again:

1) Google Driverless Car:

The UK will be allowing these cars on public roads from 2015.  This car will use more or less the same principle as planes, meaning it will be able to travel between point A to point B almost completely independently. Google have taken into consideration the fact that roads are so crowded and potentially dangerous.

The car will contain ‘computer vision’ which will be able to sense 360-degree images captures by the cameras connected to the car so that it can detect pedestrians as well as other obstacles.

2) 3D Printing

The concept isn’t new for industries, however, having one for yourself could be very beneficial and revolutionary.

The printer would basically allow you to see your designs physically come to life. This would allow individuals to create and produce their own products without limitation.

3) Google Glass:

Yet another Google creation. Google glass comes with various features such as giving you traffic updates, play music and can  take photos + videos. This device is only available to a few developers, costing $1500. However, tech companies are working on the release of a more affordable consumer version.

4) Wi-Fi speeds up to 5x faster:

The current generation of Wi-Fi uses either 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands. Samsung have developed a technology withstanding 60GHz allowing transfer rates of 575MB per second, 5 times faster than the current maximum speed.

The Samsung devices are expected to be available as early as 2015. Even though faster rates are becoming more and more common, these speeds would apply a very substantial speed boost.

5)  Sekonix DLP Pico Keychain Projector:

The very portable projector will eliminate to need to carry around heavy equipment while still maintaining the quality of a normal projector. This device works with smartphones, tablets as well as desktop PC’s and laptops via USB connection.

Do you think they are all groundbreaking? or are there better releases expected? Let us Know on Twitter!

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