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The rising stars of German cuisine



Traditional German food is more well-known for its heartiness than its hauteur and sophistication. However, thanks to its willingness to branch out and welcome new ingredients and dishes into the fold, it is now earning more accolades than ever from the highest echelons of food criticism – the Michelin Guide.

2013 saw more German restaurateurs than ever being awarded with Michelin stars. A total of 274 chefs were decorated with at least one star, and eleven brilliant chefs managed to get three – the highest possible ranking in the Michelin galaxy. In fact, of all the countries assessed, Germany ranked second only to France.
Ralf Flinkenflügel, editor of the Michelin Guide in Germany, said that the past five years had seen an increase of more than 25% in Michelin-certified cooks. Stars awarded by the Michelin Guide are exclusively for the food served, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is irrelevant.

“We have a generation of young chefs who have a top education; they are creative and do a fantastic job. What’s more, demand for high-quality chefs is steadily rising, making way for further development.”

“This is a clear indication that German cuisine has developed dynamically,” Mr Flinkenflügel said.


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