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Why Germany?

Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe, whose continuous triumph is built on hard work and reinvention.  With 103 Nobel Prize winners and counting, German industry is synonymous with products of the highest quality, and it is a nation of creative and technical geniuses.

Germans are highly detail-oriented and their passion for success is unparalleled. Your only limits for career success in Germany will be those that you set for yourself.


Germany is the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world, and fifth by GDP (PPP) in 2008. It has long since been a driver, innovator, and beneficiary of an increasingly globalised economy. Opportunities for work in the German financial services industry are plentiful and well-paid.

Career prospects

If you’re enterprising, talented and motivated, the career prospects in Germany are limitless. The country attracts high-net-worth individuals to work in its thriving industries, including a strong banking and financial sector.  As part of the European Union and sharing a similarly focused work ethic, Germany is particularly attractive to the British.
Your hard work will be rewarded with a lifestyle that is the pride of all Germans and the envy of the world.

Lifestyle and travel

Families living in here can also benefit from free German education, considered to be amongst the best in the world. Expatriate families are very common, as the country is well-known to be a great place to raise the young.

The capital, Berlin, is mix of all the qualities that makes a major city stand out, while other famous cities, including Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt offer a varied lifestyle unlike any other in the world.

Geographically, Germany is just a short hop from Britain, with hundreds of cheap flight deals on offer. North America is around 10 hours away by plane and international travel is available throughout the country.

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